Nick Bosa and Joey Bosa could break Watts’ record for most sacks by brothers in a season

Nick Bosa of the 49ers and Joey Bosa of the Chargers are a rare pair of brothers in NFL history.

Nick has 11 sacks this season and Joey had 7.5 sacks this season, putting them at a total of 18.5 sacks combined in 2021. With six games left on both teams’ schedules, they need to average just under one sack per game to set a new NFL record for the most sacks by a pair of brothers in a season.

The current record is 29, set by Houston’s J.J. Watt (16) and Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt (13) in 2018.

The second-most sacks by brothers in a season is 22, set by Doug Martin of the Vikings (13) and George Martin of the Giants (9) in 1983.

The third-most sacks by brothers in a season is 20.5, set by the Bosas in 2019.