Happy corgis compared to bunnies as they hilariously hop through huge leaf pile

The pack of dogs have the time of their life playing chase and bouncing through a huge stack of leaves much bigger than themselves in South Carolina, USA

An adorable pack of corgis got excited over a huge stack of leaves that their owner had gathered up, and their joy is infectious.

Thanks to the oak trees in their back garden, the fallen leaves have given five playful pups a new game to keep them entertained.

The stack of leaves is much bigger than them, which means the only way for them to move around is to hop and bounce – and the result is hilarious.

If it wasn’t for their thrill-seeking bunny hops, it would be hard to spot the tiny dogs in the leaf pile.

Their owner, Mark Trippi, from South Carolina, USA, caught the precious moment on video.

Mark, 58, said: “They like to watch me blow the leaves in a big pile then they run around and play tag while running through the leaves.”

The five pups, named Rusty, Skillet, Sierra, Muffin and Willow can be seen up to their ears in leaves, bouncing towards one another.

One of them gives a little bark of excitement while another jumps to urge the others to start another game of chase.

Mark says they like to hide in the pile, which isn’t hard due to the size of them.

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At one point in the video, one or two little corgis disappear into the pile before popping up into sight again.

Mark and his wife Paula have had corgis for 30 years and he says the breed like to make everyone happy.

The truck service manager added: “It gives us joy to see our corgis having fun and playing together. You will see how they look back at us to see if we are smiling.”

The video caught lots of attention on Facebook.

One user said: “Leaf bunnies!”

Another said “Needles in a haystack? NOOOO… Corgis in a leaf-stack.”

Others have commented on how adorable they are and how much it has made them smile.